T.J. Slayman

Born into a family of hippie-rock-and-rollers in 1971, T.J. Slayman lived for 18 years without hope and without God in this world. In 1990 T.J. was born again into the family of God through Jesus Christ and was given a new life. T.J. has served God and the peoples of Laos full time since 1996, mostly laboring in scripture translation and literature development.

The daughter of a Communist revolutionary, Kham was born in a hospital cave and grew up in wartime Laos. In 1994, at the age of 19, Kham heard the Gospel via an educated aunt from Russia. Kham lived a life faithful to Christ under the persecutions and pressures of Communism. In 2002 she married American T.J. Slayman and enjoys serving God, her husband, their children, and everybody else. T.J. and Kham along with their four children are currently enjoying a much-needed furlough in Cane Creek Tennessee.

Moses Schrock

Moses Schrock grew up in the Swartzentruber Amish culture. Becoming disillusioned by their inconsistencies he began looking for answers else where. He left the culture when he was 19 and eventually found the truth in the Lord Jesus Christ through listening to Michael Pearl. In 2017, he met his wife at the Florida Shindig. Today they live in North Eastern Ohio ministering to the Amish through taxi work and holding bi-weekly Bible Studies.