Motel rooms

·       All rooms have one double or queen bed.

·       Additionally, most rooms have one bunk bed, double on bottom and single on top.

·       Pillows and one blanket are supplied for each bed.

·       Linens and towels are not provided.

·       One extra bed only is allowed on the floor. As many persons as can fit are allowed in existing beds.

·       On the floor, you may use your own air mattress or sleeping bag, or you can check with us about reserving an extra cot.

·       Each room has a private bathroom.

·       Each motel has a meeting area and kitchen with fireplace attached.

·       Larger families may rent two rooms if they so desire.


·       One double bed and ten single bunk beds.

·       Up to three extra beds are allowed on the floor.

·       Private bathrooms.

·       Large table for meals or whatever.

·       Wood stove and electric heat.

·       Pillows, linens, and towels are not provided.

·       Unless two or more families reserve a cabin together, we are limiting this option to larger families, at least for now. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis, so please register first, and then if necessary we can discuss this with you by email afterwards.

RV sites

·       Water and electric hookups available.

·       Dump site available.

·       RV campers have access to camp showering facilities.

Tent sites

·       Tenters have access to camp restroom and showering facilities.

·       Tents can be set up by the lake or in other scenic, tranquil areas!

Options for singles

·       Single men can register as such and will be assigned to a group single men’s cabin or motel room.

·       Single women can register as such and will be assigned to a group single women’s cabin or motel room.

·       If you wish to reserve an entire room to yourself, expense is quite a bit higher. Please notify us at registration if this is your desire.

·       Wilderness Cabin: This cabin-in-the-woods is for single men only, and is a much cheaper option. It has only single bunks, and it has no mattresses or bedding, no electric, and no private bathroom facilities. Camp restroom and showering facilities (some distance away) are available for those who use the Wilderness Cabin.